Too Tough to Forget


The cartoon represents a good insight into how our government functions lately. And when they actually do vote, it’s not for groundbreaking legislation or anything of major consequence. It’s to name a library, or give themselves a 10% raise. Or provide themselves a six figure retirement, free college for their children, tax free income, and other perks as well. This crap has been going on for decades, and has been in the news. And the public went “Yea, the usual bullshit.” And a week later something else captures the publics eye.
The Tough Guy woke up very early this morning. Did some “homework” reading, after all, it is earnings season and daytrading is not guesswork. It is homework. Watched a little news and the then watched a political news show. The blame game still goes on, about 75% of us think congress sucks. So can we do to congress right now? Aside from the usual deluge of telephone calls, emails, and other social media communications, we should urge the congress, (all it takes is one house to punish the other), to call for a for a number of punishments. They range from a public admonishing by a wronged class of citizens, a pantsing on the floor of congress, monetary fines, (my personal favorite because it hits them where it hurts them the worst), censure, and expulsion.
It is The Tough Guy’s belief that at least 30 members of congress need to be punished for their actions of late. Let’s address one issue in particular. Outright lying to the public, Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell, and friends. You have no integrity to anyone except those who pay you large sums of money. We guess the $400K+ per year from “the people” doesn’t count. Things like Obama admonishes a chaplain, or Obama planned Bhengazi, or The ACA is like a veneral disease. There is something seriously wrong with lying congresspeople. This should not be. The one unproven as a lie or truth is the GOP is hacking the webportals for obamacare. To be honest, The Tough Guy is inclined to believe that one. Lol!
So how about a congressional game of telephone for the teaparty. Sounds appropriate. (You get to look that one up. Search congressional punishments). And an appropriate seven figure fine. And censure them for the rest of their term. Humiliation of a public figure makes a lasting impression. Make an example of them. Please!! Recall that Too Tough to Forget News from yesteryear. DO SOMETHING!

Oh, and A-Basin ski area just open for the season today! Time to sharpen and wax the skis. If you go in the next 3 weeks, use rentals.


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