Fox News Aint Tough


What the hell is wrong with those crazy ass reporters at Fox Stories, oops, I mean Fox News? Really! I mean they must be on drugs. Cocaine with a little heroine to take off the edge? Or maybe mix Adderal and Atavan?
Something really weird is going on there when people don’t even check for factual data and spew lies over the airwaves and internet on an almost daily basis. Finger pointing and name calling is the norm for these folks. Revisionist history? Hell no! Revisionist present? Pretty much. They don’t revise, they recreate. Much like the yearly battle of Appomattox ends differently.
And topping it off with a parade of bat shit crazy politicians, pundits, and general asshats. We all want the world to change, Fox people. But for the good. All this blamesmenship is for the petty, elite, upper crust of society. And you stale crusties know who you are. Instead of creating lies and partial truths to tell people, why not become actively engaged in making positive news. Sponsor some charity events that actually help the poor. Report on that. You see, your reputation has been damaged, and it’s going to be a long time before the general public, and believe me, Fox, we ain’t that dumb, will trust your reporting. In the meantimes, take a cue from Colorado and have some cannibinoids. The fudge is wonderful. So is the pot. And it might give you pause to reflect on how by trying to divide a country you are, in essence, treasonous to your own country, which I hope is still the USA.


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