Tough Fed!

This is basically a response to Rick Santelli on CNBC. He asks why everbody praises the Federal Reserve and Dept. of Treasury. The short answer, Rick, is that Ben Bernanke, in my humble opinion, saved the economies of the world from total collapse by supporting not only the too big to fail businesses, but by supporting the little guys in the way of fighting inflation and the big guys in ways like keeping the price of gold in check.
There is so much our government has done to basically, keep the world running, and so much of it is taken for granted. All you traders, all you equity strategists, and all you wealth creators need to thank ‘ol “Helicopter Ben” the next time you see him. Without the actions of our federal reserve our country would have gone broke 8 years ago and we all would be paying so much in interest that half this country would be bankrupt.
Think about it in any color light you choose. The fed has done an incredible job. You all give some thanks for that. Now don’t comment back on this. This is one mans opinion, but think about the alternative scenario. All major banks went bankrupt. All money in the banks gone. All depositors screwed because the government went bankrupt as well.
Not a pretty picture.


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