Tough Halloween


Anpther Halloween is here. A word of caution from The Tough Guy. I am all for kids getting candy from strangers on All Souls Eve. As long as there is some kind of supervision it’s usually pretty cool. But the real trick is at the end of the long walk for candy.
Kids, parents, everybody, please, please, please, take a good hard look at ALL the candy and make sure it is not tampered with. And hard candy the looks like it has been opened, toss it. Better safe than sorry. The Tough Guy grew up around some pretty whacked out people who would put LSD on candy or wrap ex-lax in hershy wrappers. Not as scary as bamboo and razor blades in chocolate. But equally as bad and scary. Really look as what you or especially your child is about to eat. There are some really fucked up people out there. Everywhere.
Now with that said, have a great halloween. Get down. Get kinky! Huh!
And bring me another damn smurf!!


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