Tough Everyman


It seems The Tough Guy waxes politically a lot lately. Probably because politics seems to be pissing people off and is really creating a big divided country. IMHO the “haves” want more at the expense of the “have nots”. And this is not only the root of the problem, but the root of evil as well. Private world domination by economic means doesn’t work. Just ask Pinky and the Brain. Or consult your history books.
The Tough Guy wants to help his economic class out more than other economic classes above or below his. Not poverty, not upwardly mobile either. But just cutting it. And praying for a retirement miracle. Out of 3 weeks vacation, only one goes anywhere cheaply kind of upwardly. Whats a working man to do?
The obvious answer, get another job and work 20 more hours a week. Less family time, less sleep, and in my specific case, less socializing. The poorest of the poor have mixed blessings lately. But overall have less than before. The extremely wealthy are still creating greater personal wealth at a record pace. And the government debt is still in record territory, although it is coming down at the fastest rate in history. And for homeowners, the bulk of middle class America, refi rates have been low for years. Mine is at 3.75%. An amazingly low rate. Thanks prez! But it’s not enough. Most of the middle class has accrued debt and that needs to be addressed. How about a cheap second mortgage or debt consolidation loan? Something under 5%. The banks are making record profits, and the shareholders get rich. But the customers get screwed. Something is very wrong with that picture. Everyman is getting screwed from a corporate handjob. And not with velvet gloves.


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