Why Life is Tougher Now


Enough with the bitchin about how bad the economy is, and how everything is tougher for lower income (<$35K/yr) people. Instead of talk, create some action. The picture above represents what is so wrong with our government.
The Tough Guy worries about keeping his quality of life at a high level until death. Don't want to be bedridden, rather prefer dying like my gramps did. Croaked while mowing his lawn. Doing what he loved to do, and when he died, it was quick.
With that said, look at the picture. Notice how many ranking government officials are on the board of Monsanto? Most of Monsanto's board members are ALSO government employees. Senators, cabinet heads, and even a judge is on their board. Why? So Monsanto can do whatever they want to do to our food. And they do a lot to our food. Genetically modified organisms, GMO's, (cool name, bad effects), are going to kill our planet. Seeds with natural poisons built in, seeds modified to withstand drought, square tomatoes, 1000 lb pumpkins, and the list goes on and on. Ever think what this does to us? You are what you eat has more meaning now than ever. Monsanto engineered a Salmon that, if loosed upon the environment, would wipe out ALL other species of salmon within 7 years.
These guys are playing with our genetic health and this is just plain wrong. The Tough Guy will admit that some mods seem less dangerous than others, but seeing as the bee population is dying at a record rate, what will be left to grow will be Monsanto pre-germinated seeds and nothing else. A monopoly on the worlds food. That thought is so scary if you think about all the consequences.
One company, with the blessing of our government, and immunity from prosecution,(it's true. Their immunity was given in early 2012 in a bill sent through congress. What a crock of crap. If I ever get sick from GMO's, then my only recourse is to kill the asshat that created it. Can't sue. Can't prosecute. Next defense logically is to kill the creator. God I hope I never get sick from GMO's. But you all are urged to check out what a GMO is, why its made, and especially WHAT CAN IT DO TO YOU!!
We need to return back to real organics. Use natural pesticides, even if it means 5% less of a crop. And start looking at your food lables. It's time to fear Monsanto, not praise them. These are the same guys that brought you Nutrasweet. The sugar substitute that when ingested creates formaldehyde in our bodies. And that in turn, breaks down our bodies ability to block disease. So please do some reading on GMO's and aspartame and monsanto. When you are done, you may realize that indeed, the devil amongst us. His name is Monsanto. And he is legion. The Tough Guy wishes you all good health, good diet, and good life.


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