If you don’t understand new mindset of the younger generations, then read on. The Tough Guy’s gonna lay some edjumacation on you. You see, we all wonder how things got so fucked up. Socially, it’s like a war in public anymore. Haves vs. havenots. Heteros vs. homos. (Just a generic use of terms here. The Tough Guy is not a hater. “I’m an equal opportunity bigot, I hate everyone equally!”). Christian vs. Muslim. USA vs. Al Quaeda. Tea Party vs. The World! The world, in part thanks to social media, is becoming more divided than ever. Hell, even the rich are revolting!
China vs. Russia vs. EU vs. US for monetary control of the world? Hah! That’s a joke! Try the Bilderburg Group. Or 80 of the 100 wealthiest people in the world. They seem to be obsessed with being number one. While acting like number two.
And women. Empowerment? Oh hell yeah!! Guys, you better hold on. Real tight if you got one. A woman on the rise. Things are happening in this modern world.
But our kids. They’re getting all the benefits of modern technology in their education. And we are seeing genius evolve from our young everyday. But there is a downside here. The ever so addicting internet has decreased real life social interaction. We are different behind a video screen than in real life. It’s creating a generation of split personality kids. Oh, so tough (or tender) online. But in real life so clueless as to how to interact on a real level. It’s been said many times on twitter, for example, that alter egos dominate the feeds. The Tough Guy is in total agreement.
I see young people without any social control. And people lacking real life social skills. Why? Because they are so accustomed to having a wall between themselves and the real world. You can do what you want, be a jerk or seductress, prophet or pariah. It doesn’t matter. There is a wall between you and the world. It used to be when you called someone out, it was face to face and consequences were instantaneous and final. Now it’s up to social media to chastize and physical confrontations are a lot less frequent. This is creating a generation of intolerance and indifference. This is more apparent with the wealthy than the poor.
So what can be done to bring a little respect and caring back to the younger generation? Easy! Social interaction! More real life, face to face experiences. Teach them when you call someone a bitch, expect a slap in the face. Not a tirade on facebook. Or when you call someone a pussy, you get a punch in the nose. Every action has a consequence. That seems to be a lesson a lot of people forget about. The younger generations would do well to remember this.
The world is there. And it is getting smaller in very personal ways these days. We all need to remember that our actions are now visible to the world. Not just family and friends. So we should conduct ourselves as how we really are and not as how we want to be percieved. In the immortal words of Popeye “I yam what I yam”. Keep on being real folks.


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