Some More Toughness

Just to clarify a previous point. The generation of kids born from about 1980-1996. They have learned a tragic lesson early in life. 9-11 taught many people to give to those in need. And conversely, taught them to tell the difference between a charlatain and philanthropist. And just maybe, the tiny little grinch heart in all of them grew 10x when giving was cool for a while. That culturally stricken demographic defies many trends. They are a very aware generation. But individualistic to a fault. I’m even hearing some artistic uniqueness, ie. original melody AND original lyrics. Not very many old farts like myself can have an appreciation for hip hop, dub step, and some rap.
But for all their bitchy whining, smart ass remarks, and fuck yous, they manage to somehow get it done. This generation is gonna be pretty tough when they hold the power.


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