Giving a Tough Thanks


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. At least those of us that celebrate today. Canada’s was last month. And quite frankly, The Tough Guy could care less about other countries national holidays. Our country’s holidays are confusing enough. Hug your dog day, national chili day. One month with more than 40 “special” days/weeks/month. But today, Thanksgiving, is, and always should remain, a family, not corporate, holiday. Contrary to younger and more popular thinking, tradition and family are and hopefully will remain valued in our society.
As a child, it was made clear that every effort should be made to be with family on Thanksgiving. And to keep drama to a minimum. The Tough Mother, RIP mom, always cooked enough food for a small army. One year over two dozen of us. Nowadays, The Tough Guy is one helluva Tough Chef. At The Tough House, his culinary skills are displayed for all to marvel at. The food was a traditional feast. Turkey, gravy, duck, pheasant, mashed potatoes, candied yams, green bean casserole, macaroni and ambrosia salads, rolls on rolls on rolls, cauliflower with cheese sauce, jellied cranberries, figgy duff, (if you don’t know what it is, you might not want to ask), pumpkin, banana cream and coconut cream pies. And a fully stocked bar. Now we would all dress casual, go outside and play. Kind of cool when we had 10 kids all together. And you’re hearing it from The Tough Baby of The Bunch. One year the old hood, all 4 blocks, had about 100 kids on Thanksgiving. Best game of tag ever!
And that, my Tough Friends, is a lot of what Thanksgiving is about. Friends, family, good food, good buzz, relaxing, fun, and most importantly, no work. There are those of us who want to make a point to big businesses. If you are normally not open today, but decided to get a jump on the competition, then you are being boycotted. We will make a small economic impact. But still. This holiday is specifically about family. Let’s keep it that way.
So this year, The Tough Guy gives thanks for his family, at least the ones still speaking to him, all of his friends, the free market system, UFCW #7, and this crazy state of Colorado. And am thankful for my appliances all working, my 13 year old car is still in good shape, that I am in pretty damn good shape, physically, and for being, for the most part, mentally intact. And still able to eat anything. In moderation. And chocolate. And boobs. And testosterone. And,,,,,


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