Tough Wages


Are they howling because it’s fun and all the other guys are doing it? Or is it pain from cold and the crappy food? Or are they just horny? Metaphorically speaking, of course, for they put a camera on me so I’ll bitch about inequity, or I make minimum wage (full time is $15K/yr) and pay $8K/yr rent, you try it!
The Tough Guy truly sympathizes with minimum wage earners. Been there, done that. Restaurant employees, not fast food, are The Toughest Wage Earners of all. Fast paced, always understaffed, no real break for hours, also required to perform manual labor, all for $2,50/hr!! Oh, and tips. So a base wage of $7K/yr, oh, and tips. And the average (albeit declared) yearly declared tips is $15K/yr. They are the chosen ones for the day. Now the bussers get a small percentage of the tips, as does the hostess. Dishwashers are the real wage slaves. Minimum wage and a damn dirty job. Most of the time it’s NRE, no english required, and $5/hr. No insurance, no full time guarantees, at will for all. That includes management. Those guys in cheap suits that make less than $32K/yr. And their offered insurance still blows chunks. That’ll be $50 for the diagnosis, please. And a copay.
See where we’re going here? $15K income plus federal assistance, for at least mom and one child. Call it $12K. This is a common situation so don’t go moral right or left here. Save it for a previous post. Got some doozies! So $8K for rent, $1500 insurance, maybe less now, $1000 auto insurance,$1500 utilities, (cheap), $500 for phone(s). Gas, groceries, clothes, prescriptions, school, daycare, repairs, upkeep (hair, mani, etc), leave nothing leftover between paychecks. To top all of this off, the general public has been so exposed to arrogant, self aggrandizing behaviour, that they transfer it upon service workers and eventually comes back to bite you in the ass from the aformentioned workers.
At 55, The Tough Guy would go back into bartending if it paid $15/hr base. (And $0 tips, wink,wink). As it is, he manages a freezer department at a grocer near you at about $18/hr. full time. At an average increase of less than $.25/hr/yr for 10 years to get there, so the truly middle class are hurting, too, But not like minimum wage earners. Like the waiters and waitresse who depend upon the generosity and appreciation from others to survive. It’s been a tough year for about 98% of us. It’s time to share the pain with the other 2%. Yea, I know, I know. Be like the wolf and howl at the moon ya freakin whiner! Nobody cares! Or do they?


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