Is Being Ethical Tough?

Good God!! Is this world going to hell in a handbasket or what? Really! Between all the political skullduggery in the US congress, and high finance screwing the little guy, it seems like ethics is the last thing on anyone’s mind.
So let’s define ethics. (Pulls out an ancient dictionary) my 44 year old American Heritage dictionary defines ethic as ” A principle of right or good conduct” and ethics as ” The study of the general nature of morals and of specific moral choices.” Being ethical is defined as “in accordance with the accepted principles governing the conduct of a group.” My google search turned up the same quotations. So by the definitions, ethics haven’t changed in over 40 years!
Yea and if that doctor makes me bleed I will f him up bad. Ethical? Hell no! Reality? Hell yes! But I wouldn’t hurt a doctor. Just an example. The patient is unethical because he believes it’s ok to hurt someone back. Even if you were hurt for a positive reason. This govenor won’t endorse me so I will make him look bad to his constituents. Or even “I will hire my idiot buddy without a resume, (unethical), pay him a six figure salary, and give him a title. He won’t have to do anything. He will be my fall guy if I get caught.” Those last two are about our buddy from NJ, Chris Christie. But it doesn’t start or stop there. Look at “tricky” Dick Nixon. Watergate ring a bell? On the other end of this, and I put my internet reputation and access on the line by writing this, is the infamous hacker group, Anonymous. And LOLZ. Neither of which has morals, ethics, or scruples. (Look that last one up, kids.) They prey on any site they think is “funny” to prey upon. At the expense of the site owner. And on a much smaller level, the kid who copies, word for word, anothers work, and claims it as his original work. Or the kid whose wealthy parents hire a tutor. Not to teach, but to do the work for him. Because wealth brings entitlement and entitlement brings power, and power means you can do anything you want to do and there is never a consequence. Or ethics. Don’t believe me? Just look at our House of Representatives. Some of them are so entitled that ethics becomes just a word. No meaning to it anymore because it can put restraints on a persons actions. And they don’t like restraints. They would rather terrorize our country than spend one dime of their hard earned inheritance. And financially? Today, many banks are overreacting to the new “Volker rule”. Why? Because they are able to manipulate markets and fix prices. So out goes the “make money in stocks” scheme for banks. And out goes the risky homeloans. And junk bonds. And anything else risky. This is being done now, even though they have till the end of 2014. Guessing there were some moral lapses in the last 5 years by big banks.
What do all these actions have in common? A complete lack of morals and ethics. When an activist buys over 10% of a company, and then tries to control that company, that is ethically wrong in my opinion. Unless you own more than 50% of a company, you cannot tell the company what to do. And it is wrong to do as well. Majority should rule in this country, as well as the world. And it doesn’t, thanks to a few unethical billionaires.The phrase “you don’t like it, you can leave” pops up here. Also unethical. But I would hope it applies to the guy with less than 49%. Still unethical. (Never said I was ethical, did I!) also, when a bank sells your mortgage note to another party and does not inform the mortgagee, that’s unethical. But is legal.
Are you starting to see this dilemma more clearly, or did It get obfuscated? To The Tough Guy, morals are really simple. Jesus said it best. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This doesn’t mean it’s a pick and choose people you like so it’s never a hassle. This is applied to everyone, everywhere. In business, at least successful ones, the best and worst customers should be treated the same. Just like home loans SHOULD be. And ethics should be broadly and liberally applied to life in general. Treating all people with respect and kindness is ethical. And pretty cool as well. Just because you don’t like the Polish, doen’t mean you can treat them differently. That is rude and unethical. You get on a website and shut it down because you can. That’s unethical.
This grabbing for power at any cost is unethical. But people do it because it does not cost them in particular. It costs everybody else. Unethical. All of these examples are real. And real sad. Because society has failed in it’s attempts to homogenize ethics. Ethics is for everyone. Rich, poor, dumb, and ugly. Society has failed to teach it’s elite, upper 2% wealth class, what the meaning of ethics really is. And until companies are seen as just companies, and not as people,(yes there are people in a company), this uncaring and unethical group of American (and many non-American as well”, will continue to do whatever they want at other people’s expense. And that is truly wrong, sad, and unethical.
While many may disagree with my opinions of ethical and non-ethical behavoir, this is where ethics are truly needed. Ethics allows for discussion on what is right and wrong. And this is why we use the term “Morally Bankrupt”! So let’s fill them them suckers up with morals and see what happens. Eh?


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