Happy Holidays fron The Tough Guy


It is The Tough Guy’s sincerest wish to all who read my rantings and thoughts, to have the best Christmas ever tomorrow. The phrase “happy Holidays” will now forever be used because the Tea Party hates it. Not because it is politically correct. And while being raised a Roman Catholic, and even being one of the lucky altar boys who never experienced a “bad” priest, The Tough Guy will always think of this part of the year as Christmastime.
As we age, we all acquire “things”. Art, antiques, tools, hitches in the getalongs, cricks in the neck, kids, ex-wives, and most important, memories. It seems that as we age, we want more things. But we are wise enough to know how and when we can get our things. It’s not always Christmas at The Tough House.
So what do you want for Christmas? The Tough Guy wants to keep making memorable times for his friends and family. A new car would be nice. And to be debt free would be outstanding. All that comes in due time. It’s best to earn the big things you want. That way you take better care of it. The real intangible want is for a new Tough Partner in Chicanery. Would have called it crime but the forum is public. Lol. So many adventures, so little time.
Everybody wishes for world peace. Great thought but won’t happen. Not this December. Wishing won’t fix that. Actions like sending clothes or food with a letter attached requesting communication means a lot to those who are suffering. Communication is the key to understanding. Understanding leads to peace. Peace leads to productivity and societal advancement. And that is good, my Tough Friends.
So the candle is lit in the hopes that more people will become enlightened to the positive ways of the world. Peace on Earth. Goodwill to all. And happy Boxachrismahaunikwanzadoxic New Year to all. Even the traders!


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