Tough Misperceptions of The 1%


Apologies to all who follow this. It seems WP ate my last blog. Happy new year to you all!

Since the beginning of the year, the upper 5-1% income earners, yes earners, have been getting a little vocal about how much money is paid from the government to the lower 20% earners. Yes, earners. There is a misconception by those elite billionaires. And I am not talking about most of the 1%. But there are those, like the Walton heirs, that The Tough Guy believes, from a little personal experience, and a multitude of news articles, truly believes things like women get themselves pregnant so they can abuse the welfare system. Or a poor person with a nice phone is always scamming the government. And they also believe that welfare is addicting. And hundreds of other fallacies.
All this is said and believed to justify their shameless greed. Oh yea, they do give to chairity, but only to offset their taxes. Believe it. The amount given is exact. Not a penny more than the offsetting maximum donation limit. Ok. That’s nice. But aside from Buffett, Gates, and a few others who have pledged to give freely where it does the most good, the income is locked away and used only for personal gain.
The question posed is, whatcha gonna do with that extra billion you got? Really. You gonna get selective and tip generously? Gonna set up a new “foundation”? Give &20K to the first 500 who ask for it? Read every letter and give to the most creative story?
There has got to be a quality solution in this. The Tough Guy isn’t rich enough to figure it out. Not enough deductions anyways.
Enough about the money, onto the gravy. More misconceptions await. Even though, in The Tough Guy’s eyes, money is the true root of the problem.
The 1% are feeling challenged by the billion or so little people. Think Marie Antionette. So they invent stories. Not like in Oklahoma where there is a bronze Stegosaurus with a sign saying they lived 5000 years ago. But then how could we know? We weren’t there and all science is bunk. (Carbon dating) But stories of apathy to make the poor seem like criminals. And the working class? Ooohhh. They are just fools working for someone else. Never amount to much because they have no ambition. And they pay too little in taxes. Fact is, a single parent of 2, making $45K a year has a taxable income of less than $10K. Usually closer to 0. And they work over 60 hours a week. Oops, more money talk. Fact. Lower income earners are not low life criminals. They are, for the greater majority, trapped in an existence that deprives them of upward mobility and self esteem. Afraid to change for the sake of their childrens welfare. When was the last time an upper 1%’er took a staycation due to financial constraints? The poor people have no pride. Wow! When those words are spoken around here, fists start flying. Money can’t buy pride. Or love. Poor people know how to stand up for themselves. That’s why the billionaires are so upset.
The wealthy should be glad there is no maximum income limit for individuals. “You can only keep so much, then the rest goes to government.” Man, that would create more jobs than ever. Everybody owns a little business and we all make $100K+. Yea, dream on. Lack of pride, no! The wealthy folks lack of couth and caring? Hell yes! Poor people are dumb. This is so far off base even the dumb wealthy people shake their head and ask WTF? Yes there are poor dumb people. The education system failed them miserably. Just like it did Rand Paul. But he has daddy’s money. Even though The Tough Guy, in his mind, is not poor,(I got things the rich will never have), and has done stupid things that affect his life forever, he is not stupid. Mensa candidate, not a joiner, more a loner. 128 IQ. Ex-metrologist, 80’s drug felon. Get it? Dad and volunteer. Wage slave, day trader. Lemonade maker extrordinaire!! And that is only one example of millions.
There are many of us of whom you cannot keep down. We are the ones who are climbing out of the morass of poverty and try to make more out ourselves than thought possible. We speak for those following our path. And those unable to follow. There are too many of us to count. We don’t mind paying to help those with less. We’ve been there. It sucks. We don’t voluntairily give. It’s forcibly removed by the government. And we are accustomed to this. And you think we mooch off welfare. Like corporations that take BILLIONS in subsidies. Exxon takes more in gas subsidies than all of the welfare recipients! There are so many more of us that are trying to find a way to get it through the wealthy 5-1% brains that you can’t take it with you. And if you do, your grave will be desecrated. So learn to live with higher taxes. Middle class has had to. Your turn now. So all you non 1% wealthy folk need to quicher bitchin, bite the bullet, and spend a day less in Antigua and a dollar more at home. Stay tuned. The other side of this story may appear. And will be given the same treatment. See,The Tough Guy is really a closet wannabe millionaire at heart. Aren’t we all? Just enough to live comfortably till death. But not so much my kid doesn’t learn to respect the harsh realities of life.


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