Vacay! The Tough Way

It’s time for a well deserved week + of rest and relaxation for The Tough Guy. The Tough Blog is being lazy so far this year. The motivation is not as high as last year. That means that The Tough Guy should, and will, go to the beginning and reread everything. This blog is meant more for personal purging than reader enjoyment. But is written in hopes that someone, somewhere might be able to benefit from these words. Unlikely, but hey, stranger things have happened.
For those into stocks and finance, the recent purchase of Safeway Stores, $SWY, by Cerberus, is a very big potential upside to Kroger Co.,$KR. This literally leaves the major players as Whole Foods, $WFM, and Kroger. With others like Costco, Wal-Mart, and Target picking up whatever slack is left. But Kroger is the main beneficiary here. More market share means higher stock price. Wait for the dip, kids. It IS coming.
On the personal side. The weight loss plan has worked better than hoped. Over the last decade more than 40 pounds gone. Back into the old size 34 and can even fit into a 33. But tiiiight! Lol The last 20 lbs really came off faster than expected. Hitting the target and five pounds more. Got a chubby 6 pack now. Kinda like four twelve oncers and two twentys. What’s The Tough Secret? There is none. Just cut back on the junk food and eat real meals. Home cooked, (which The Tough Guy loves to cook!), and pretty much the only big meal of the day. And usually 2 energy drinks at work stocking those three aisles of frozen foods. (volume increased, that’s why $KR going up). Personally, give some credit to Go Fast, and NOS. They helped a lot of weight. (In his best Ukrainian accent)And Tough Guy have heart like bull. Seriously, had some 4 drink and 1 meal days that probably shed a pound or two alone. Now it’s more stretching and three or four mini workouts a day. Five to ten minute sessions on the abs, or chest and arms. Hey! It works for The Tough Guy at 55. And am now in better shape than at 40.
Emotionally, The Tough Guy is still a mess. Trying to put an end to deep seated anger issues and addiction issues ain’t easy or fun. And doing it alone is not the smartest way, either. But progress is being made. Still at half to 3/4 pack a day. Cold turkey after 46 years is a bad option. The best way is to cut down even more and repeat till quit. The Tough Grandparents and Tough Mom, RIP love and miss you all, downhill slides all started when the doctors changed their routines abruptly. Things like no coffee, no aspirin, no sugar, no glass of wine, etc.
Personally, if a doctor says no more coffee to me, he will hear logical reasoning and be told to kiss The Tough Ass.
The Tough Guy cares not when he dies, but hopes for a quick death when it comes. Just like the Tough Gramps. He died mowing the lawn. Doing what he loved at 87.
Tough vacation? Maybe. Thinking about Durango and Cripple Creek. Send positive thought this way please. The Tough Guy wants to be lucky this March 13th. Thanks for the read.


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