It’s Tough Keeping Up Lately


It’s been a while since the last blog. Lately, it’s been Tough. More about just being in a IDGAF kind of mood than anything else. That leads to the I don’t feel like doing anything mood. And that gives way to the depression.
Granted, The Tough Guy has been in austerity mode for a few years, but being an active, fun, kind of guy is not about money. It’s about going out and doing something. Anything. A hike or a bike ride thru one of three nearby state parks (within a 10-15 minute walk), costs nothing. And the after-effects on the attitude are amazing. Exercise does wonders for the brain.
Even just being outside on a nice day helps. Interacting with the neighbors is usually pleasant. There are some exceptions, of course. Every ‘hood has them. Spring is so welcome this year. With open arms. If only the tax refund would get here!
Now a lot of you will not like this next part. It’s about self-medication for depression and lethargic moods. If you are going to use prescription pills, see your doctor first. Really. Do it. He has seen any and everything before. And usually has an answer for whatever ails you. Talk to him. Don’t hold back. It really is confidential. Or he can lose his medical license. Anti depressants are merry-go-round with the winner being the doctor, not you. When will they make a drug that has no contradictions?
Alcohol is definitely not going to help in the long run either. There is nothing wrong with the occasional drink. In fact, occasionally is good for the body. But habitually, using a depressant to counter depression, just doesn’t work well. Yea, for a couple hours you feel great. Then the after effect. The real effect kicks in. In The Tough Guy’s 20’s, a lot of binge drinking occurred. (Surprise!) 30 plus years later, what is remembered more than those magical memorable nights that can’t be remembered, is the hangovers. Man, there were some doozys.
Don’t try to use hallucinogens for an anti-depressant. It will turn your depression into full blown schizophrenia. (Believe me, this method just fucks you up and spits you out. Doubles your recovery time too!) if you need to hallucinate, at least be in a good mood when you do.)
OK. Now for the marijuana plug. What does pot do for depression? Actually, a lot. It really depends on the type of cannabis you want. There are over 90 different of cannibinoids found in pot. Each one has a different effect on the body and brain. Indica for a more body high. Makes you relaxed and lazy and eases your mood as well. Sativa is more of a head high, usually makes you feel a little energetic, and up. In a happy sort of way. There is a third type of cannabis, ruderalis, a heartier version, but from my understanding, aside from genetic crossing to make a better plant, it is primarily used for hemp products.
The Tough Guy recommends a sativa or sativa blend for depression. Hey, at the least, you won’t care that you were depressed. Dosage varies per person. Personally, the preferred variety is called Lifesaver. The specific strain used by The Tough Guy is not in stores. But the store strains are very good. The effect wanted here is pain relief of the joints and an attitude adjustment as well. Relieve arthritic pain and/or not care if it does. The effects felt are 1-a mild increase in blood pressure to the extremities, 2-a decrease in nerve sensitivity, 3-relaxed muscles, 4-hightened thought to the point of forgetting about pain, 5- pleasant attitude.
The only drawback to pot is that you can feel dependent on it if you use it often, more frequently than every few days. And although the effects of withdrawal are mostly mental and not physical, it can kick start your depression when cleansing after a few days. A tip from an old pro. At least twice a year, give your body a break for at least four days. A week is better. And if you are smoking or drinking or drugging a lot, clean out for a month. (Then go get a new job. Lol) Because cannibinol is such a complex organic molecule, it can take over a month to detoxify THC from your body.
So why is it so Tough To Keep Up? Maybe the thought of work is a downer. Maybe stop looking for a gf and work 10 more hours a week is not so good. Maybe it’s fear of growing older. Probably because the last grow of lifesaver is the strongest in a long time. Not just body buzz, but a head buzz like the body buzz. To easy to fall asleep because the pain free heavy head buzz. Still figuring out how much is just right. This, while being very enjoyable, is making a spud out of The Tough Guy. Can’t let that happen. Too much weight has been lost to become a spud. Now does that sound like depression talking? No? Good.
The spring cleaning is due!


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