The Tough Pendulum

Hello, Howdy, hey y’all, yo, ‘sup homies. And all other greetings forgotten. Today, The Tough Pendulum of Public (Mis)Perceptions is literally spinning in place. You see, it can’t figure out which way to swing. So much media flinging in every direction it’s hard to tell what it the average majority opinion is lately. Cliven Bundy is an example. Racist, welfare queen?Or outspoken American, defending his right to make a buck. Your choice is your choice.
Mainstream media sources, like Fox (being nice here), ABC, CBS, NBC (all 5 of them), BBC, and even Al-Jazerra, have differing viewpoints, ranging from disgusting, to feeling sorry for the poor guy, to (personal fave) what a waste of beef ! Leave it to the govt. to burn both sides of the bridge.
The Tough Pendulum swings from the end called “We are the World, One Love, Help Everyone, Tax the Rich.”, to the other end called “I Got Mine so Fuck You!” And somewhere closer to the middle, we all start to get along a little better. Lately, a lot of racist bullshit has been spewing from the mouths of older, white billionaires. And even a couple of black billionaires are sounding mighy whitey lately. But in defense of the rest of us Tough Crackers, we tend to judge people by their actions as well. And there is a lot of anti-caucasian racism action in the black community as well. Y’all just don’t get the same airtime billionaires get. And this shits been going on for over 50 years. But it is getting better on both sides. The Tough Guy thinks this is provoked by the media in the guise of politics. Stories are created for “entertainment purposes”. But they are really scripted to foster a public attitude. Things like owning guns is bad. Here is a big debate. The constitution is clear. Let’s all own guns. Keeps the government in line. But let’s be real here. Not everybody has the capacity to safely handle a gun. Like sociopaths. And given the fact that the US military is the better equipped force, EVERY time, what’s the use of owning an automatic weapon? The Tough Guy has seen the stupid results of an idiot and his Uzi on a deer hunt. Not much usable meat, and the herd ran for miles. The ONLY reason for an automatic weapon is kill fellow man. Not animals. Guess what kind of weapon killed Cliven Bundy ‘s 40 cows? Don’t get me wrong. Gun ownership is also a choice. But if you can afford a machine gun , then you can afford the registration and taxes that go with it. Pay for the poor with your luxury item.
Another pair of polar opposite viewpoints having a shouting match is immigration reform. Too many political “suggestions” to like on many social networks. The viewpoints here range from “send em all back and put up an electric fence”, and, and I quote here from today “ranchers should be able to shoot “wetbacks” on their property”, to “let everybody in , no exceptions, and automatic citizenship”. Pick your side.
We all need to look at both sides of these big issues. Create your opinions, and let them be known. But inform yourself. Arm yourself with the whole truth. Not Faux truth. Make The Tough Pendulum move. Please.


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