Yes, George Will, Rape is Tough!

It’s bad enough when a man has to force himself on a woman. But when a “journalist” decries that the accuser is making up accusations so as to attain special privileges, it kinda pisses The Tough Guy off. George Will, that’s @georgewillf on twitter, and of course, he is on facebook and linkedin, you sir, using the title of sir very loosely, are a complete douchenozzle. And worse.
Rape is not as much about sex as it is about the feeling of power and dominance. Most rapists don’t get off because of the sex. They get off on the abuse their giving. Mr. Will, you should be locked up in a supermax jail for a couple of days just to get an idea of what it’s like to be violated sexually, against your will. Get a couple of big boys smashing your face into the toilet as they repeatedly fuck you in the ass until you are their broken, defeated, submissive bitch. Even then you will only half way understand the mindset of a woman raped, if that. See, even though you cannot get pregnant, and have probably contracted an STD or two before, this image you seem to think women want is totally off base. As you really so stupid and out of touch as to believe women want to be brutalized so they can finally get back at an attacker they never knew before. Get real, you idiot. It would seem your only concern lately is your ratings. (I hope they continue to plunge).
Sadly, The Tough Guy believes that at the tender age of 56, he knows more women who have been raped, than not. And that is a sad state of affairs in our country. What are we, animals? This attitude exists in the extremist sections of India, Pakistan, and the middle east. Are you, George, a man (again using the noun very loosely), of such neanderthal thinking that you believe women are lesser beings and therefore deserve to be kept down and intimidated? Are you an eleitist as well? Do you believe you are privileged? Damn, son! You should be a radical muslim. You would fit right in. After you get a hell of a tan, of course.
And while you are at it, take some your Tea(rrorist) party idiot friends with you. You know the ones. They still think women don’t deserve equal pay and should have no say over their own bodies.
The day this happens, America will be a better place. This silent majority member has been quiet for too long. And the silent majority in this case is all the people who think that the extremists on left and right just need to shut the fuck up and realize that in America, we all have equal rights. That includes the right of sanctity of ones own body. NOBODY has the right to abuse another living being. Women, children, men, and pets included. Speaking of pets. What happens when an animal abuses a human? It gets put down. A fancy way of saying we kill it. Sometimes The Tough Guy wishes it was that way for all abusers.
George, we don’t what happened that turned you into such an asshole, but you really need to rethink your attitude towards women. If you really think women want to be raped, for any reason, then I suggest you turn in your media credentials and seek professional counseling. You are truly mentall ill.



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