Tough Eats



Man, I love eating good food. To The Tough Guy, a 4 course meal is an event. But nowadays, most of the food we buy is contaminated by hormones, genetic modification, and added products like sweeteners, dyes, modifiers,(whatever that really means), and even carbon monoxide. Yup, that nasty gas from your car exhaust is used to keep meat from turning brown. Scary, huh.
This is a quick simple post to remind everybody that the old phrase, “You are what you eat”, is really a truism. So here’s my trick. Vary your diet. Now it’s summertime. Eat foods that give you more energy like fruits. And don ‘t forget the veggies either. And here’s the thing. VARIETY! We all get set into a pattern of eating the same goods every day. You gotta change that up. Lately, The Tough Guy has been on a cinnamon kick. Love cinnamon. In 2-3 months it will probably be over. And Jelly will be back in for breakfast. And it changes. Some things are seasonal, some are changed for health. And some are simply changed to relieve boredom at the dinner table. All perfectly good reasons.
But here’s the deal, folks. Some things, even in moderation, are simply bad for you. We are all different. Bodies do not all work in the exact same way. But think about what you are putting inside of that temple you call a body. Watch for the bad additives in packaged products. And beware of GMO anything. In this world it’s now buyer beware. Thanks Monsanto.

BTW. The Tough Guy is in his mid 50’s, has lost 42 in 5 years by diet modification, and has seen first hand effects of what “altered before packaged” food can do. IMHO, varying a diet means a better chance of ridding yourself of the toxins you ingest.


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