Tough Haters



The morality on display this election season is amazingly appalling. A Mn supreme court wannabe running her mouth about gods law superceding federal and state law, former congresspeople calling out nigger and spic on the radio, (and getting pulled off the air), the no birthright citizenship movement, and especially the anti-president movement. There is so much more hate but these are a few of the more noticeable hateful things happening in our country.
The facts are, this isn’t happening just here. Hate mongering crops up everywhere. Not just in N. Korea, Iraq/Iran/Syria/Lybia, and Kenya to S. Africa. Argentina, China, England, Germany, Austrailia, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Spain are all going through social hate spasms as well. They all have either influxes of immigrants or major government problems that affect feeding the poor and displaced.
The root of this attitude is, of course, racism. If you’re not like me then fuck you has become the normal way of life. Whatever happened to curiosity? Whatever happened to opening your eyes a little wider to see the whole picture? And especially, whatever happened to getting the facts correct before making a statement of any kind in public? Has stupidity become the new normal? When posts like the ones from Numbers USA get on facebook and ask you to like an untruthful post but the headline that you see seems good, it flames the hate. This particular post states that Obama want to change the constitution by making citizenship by birthright a law. BIG NEWS! It already is in the constitution! This flames up the anti Mexican immigration folks to a fever pitch. Now The Tough Guy agrees that illegal immigrants should be sent back home. Let them come across the legal way. And their plight is acknowleged. (The worlds 2nd richest man is Carlos Slim, he owns most of Mexico’s gas, grocerias, and manufacturing companies. That is a huge problema,)
Why does everyone want to come here? For a chance to become successful. But even with a chance, most people never realize success. And that is where all this hate comes from. Personal disappointment. If I can’t make it, nobody else should. Hell of an attitude, huh?
Envy, jealousy, mistrust, frustration, and bigotry are the core to hating. We envy and hate the 1%. We do not trust the police. We are jealous of those getting ahead. And if you are not like us, get the hell out of our country. Sound familiar? It’s on the news everyday. It really needs to stop. Today preferably. If you are not happy, then do something positive about it. Don’t crap on everyone else for your own foibles. Fix yourself. Educate yourself. Better yourself.
How to do that? Try these for starters. Be human. Involve yourself with a group of people completely different from you. And get involved. You’re gonna find out that you have a lot in common. Be humane. Very important. Try caring about something other than what affects you. Do a pay it forward act. Do something nice. Be intelligently informed. The lack of in-depth reading done these days is shocking and scary. People don’t read an entire article because they are too busy. Or tired. Or just like being ill informed. Too many people write “news” that is just a commentary. The Tough Guy gets, and reads, (he loves to read), news from many very different sources. Try reading or watching the news of the same event from BBC, Fox, CBS, and Al Jazerra. Four different viewpoints. Same event. That is being informed.
Choose whatever view you want for your own. Just be informed about it. Be prepared to argue your point with facts. Not rhetoric. The Tough Guy is so tired of people knee jerking to a headline. Fanning hate is not what our country is supposed to be about. But a lot of the world is now returning the hate we give and it makes a part of our country scared and hateful. To the point of violence. That is never a good thing. It leads to civil war. Which to the uninformed is what the Koch brothers want. Let’s dance to the 1%ers song. Shalll we? Not! We all “just need to get along”! Thanks Rodney.


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