Retelling the Same Tough Lies Over and Over


Why is Fox News only 18% truthful? And MSNBC only 38% truthful? According to Factcheck, CNN is the most accurate US news at 83% truthful. If you want to know the world news, the truthful news, you must check at least 3 polemic news sources. BBC, CNN, and Al Jazerra make an interesting mix. Both pro and con positions on all news can be found this way usually. Sometimes you need to see the Chinese slant, pun kinda intended, to see the rest of the picture.
Politics has its hands of everything. News is no different. Rupert Murdock’s greedy, self serving, poor hating, attitude has permeated his news agency and all we read and hear about from his point of view is how our POTUS should be impeached. All from Koch brothers money. And the NBC Universal networks tend to gloss over unemployment and poverty to tell us how rosy the economy is. And Fox News, aka Faux Stories, is just a source of hate mongering. Even the Mexican version is twisted around. But the point here is that your news is being manipulated. Spun so many different ways the fabric of the news is destroyed. That’s what reporters want. Makes fact checking pretty hard.
What prompted this post was a suggested like from good ol facebook. Numbers USA. A PAC like no other. Built to spin the truth so everyone will hate the president. Numbers posts all anti Obama hate daily. This time they blame him for the influx of immigrant children. They have a point in that the message Obama sends is encouraging these actions by his public support of the 2008 Bush enacted bill. That same one all the republicans supported, until it actually went into effect and now it’s all Obama’s fault. And as far as the economy goes, the rich get richer, usually at the expense of the poor, so CNBC, for example, shows our economy picking up. Even though the poor are slowly going under and the middle is slowly becoming poor. Just look at sales numbers for Walmart, Family Dollar, and Dollar stores. All under their sales estimates. The CEO of Walmart said the poor are not buying enough. (He is a clueless douchenozzle). Maybe that is because milk has gone from $1.99 to $3.29 in a year. The basic food staples, milk, eggs, bread, have increased over 50%. And wages have been stagnant for almost 10 years. People spend the same amounts. Just getting less. Walmart CEO’s are notorious for lying these days. Just like Fox news. And all the other low cost stores are suffering too. And these polls everyone uses. They are worthless when everyone draws their own different conclusions of the same data.
Who is being honest here? Nobody! These days, any news story wiil be spun to fit an agenda. Whether it be for left or rightwing politics. And it sucks. You know that joke about what do you call a quicksand pit 1/2 full of lawyers? Not enough lawyers. Substitute reporters and/or politicians.
And learn both sides to any news stories. Yes, it is work. But you will see exactly what The Tough Guy is talking about.
So remember, the Earth is 6000 years old, everybody should open carry guns at the grocery store, especially with kids in tow, and everything wrong with this country is Obama’s fault. Except for the wealthy’s attitude. And that is “I will get my share and fuck ANYBODY who dares to stand in my way!” And that’s ok because they are rich and entitled.


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