Diverticulitis is Tough


A first person post today. It’s been a long time between posts. So I have diverticulitis, and gall stones. And when those two conditions decided to team up against me, it made me literally want to die. That was the most pain my body has ever felt. And believe me, with over 20 total broken bones, and a car accident that quite literally killed me, you know that is a lot of pain. Too much pain.
It all started late June when the ex wife killed herself. Stupid bitch! So anti gun I still can’t believe she shot herself in the head. Sent a letter to my son that he got two days after the fact. I followed him over to her place and discovered what happened. I still wake up hearing his cry of “Nooo!”
The next six days were spent packing, cleaning, and moving everything she owned to my house. In 97* heat the whole week. And dealing with all the legal crap as well. And trying to keep my 21 year old from going insane. This is the very definition of stress. And stress is what can cause your digestive system to fail. Or initiate a very painful cleansing.
I’ve been trying to get my weight down to 179#’s and was at 185 when this happened. Today, after gaining back 9 pounds, I weigh a cool 170. Not too bad for being at 218, 10 years ago. (That’s is a quarter person I lost!) But I lost the weight in a way that is not recommended. And way too fast. I could not keep food or water down for more than a half hour for 3 days. Then I hit the ER. Went in at 162 pounds. I bottomed that day at 158. Got a sexy selfie to prove it. Lmao.
But seriously, I have never felt pain that intense before. What happened, in layman terms, is my gall bladder stopped secreting the bile necessary to keep pushing the food to the bottom of the colon. It was blocked by hundreds of tiny gallstones. So food was stuck. And diverticulitis is the result of food, like nuts and seeds, getting trapped in these little “pouches” that are in your colon. They can, eventually, rip your colon apart from the inside if not treated. Treatment consists of antibiotics and and antimicrobial antibiotics. And pain pills. Thank god for those. Got some dilaudid in the ER. Walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. Lasted for 4-5 hours. On that day my weight fluctuated between 171and 158 pounds. Dehydration had taken over my body.
I felt mortal for the first time in decades. I always thought I would die like my Gramps. 87 and cantankerous. Died doing what he loved. Mowing his lawn. I figured he maybe had 30 seconds of pain before passing. Dr. said his heart gave out. I prided myself on proving 55 is the new 35. Out work the young kids. Out hike the kids. Get to 14,000’and parkour a peak. Blow peoples minds with that one. And I smoke. Even better. But ever since this attack of the gut, I am looking at my life a little differently.
My diet has changed again. No nuts, no seeds, and now I get to incorporate a cleanse in my routine. But only every few months. Now for the gross part. C’mon, y’all are tough if you read me. The antibiotics made me expell what was probably over 100 gallstones. Tiny little green and dark brown stones. Along with slightly bigger chunks of undigested food. Gristle, seeds, etc. that had been in me for god knows how long came out. And yea, it was nasty. The green stones float and the brown ones sink. That is because the green ones consist of cholesterol while the brown ones are mainly calcium. Either one can clog up the bile duct in the gallbladder. But when the gallbladder won’t work, the colon will expand because without bile, food won’t move, and the “diverticulae” expand and catch food. Very painful. VERY painful.
I have learned a lot from this. First, I am human and therefore succeptable to human conditions. (Don’t want to admit this part) I am older and therefore need to take better care of myself. Eat better, and exercise regularly. And see the freaking doctor every year. Beware and be aware of stress in your body and mind. And lastly, diluadid rocks!! (Seriously, I shouted “top o the world, ma” walking out of the ER. Also that olive oil and lemon juice make a great liver/gallbladder cleanse. But you need to alkaline your blood chemistry first. (I used epsom salt). It’s all online if you need it. It’s call the amazing liver and gallbladder flush. And it worked pretty well for me. This is not an endorsement.
So from this man, who still doesn’t want to grow old, to all of you, I leave you with these observations.
You are as old as you feel. Take care to feel good as much as possible. Age is just a number. Exercise not just your body, but your mind as well. And you are what you eat. Those are my Tough Truths to myself. Y’all have a great day.


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