Business Is Tough

It seems that the average business owner has been putting off a lot of necessary improvements the last few years. Improvements like manpower and building improvements are still lagging if the reports on labor and CAPEX spending are accurate. All to beat stock market expectations. Why, you might ask? The answer is obvious. The need to create a better profit now, is overweighing the need to treat the physical company better.
This leads to conclude that a lot of businesses are not in business for the long haul anymore. Instead they are taking the get rich approach. Become another 15 minute wonder. And get out after 16 minutes. Take the money and run, baby! And this brings the crux of the matter.
If a business is only concerned about how much money they can make, instead of how to make (almost started to laugh) the best product at the lowest cost, then how are we to trust that product? Overworked and underpaid workers are not going to go that extra step. Poor quality materials will slip unnoticed into production. And eventually, and usually too late, the comsumer realizes the product sucks and stops buying it. Cycle complete for the short term company. Here’s an example. Remember the “Zune”? How about the “Yugo”?
Nowadays, corporate strategy is all about the “now”. Make money now. Forget about your employees now. Get the cheapest supplier possible. Make money now. This shit is going to bite EVERBODY’s collective asses in about 4 of 5 years. MARK MY WORDS! Too many good companies are now willing to go belly up to make more money now, than stay in business and make a whole lot more over the long run. It’s kind of like big business getting ADHD. And that is Tough for Everyone.


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