Getting it back is tough


Hey there all you tough people. The Tough Guy is not really back yet. Still can’t get into the proper frame of mind yet. A lot of things to take care of and a lot of bills to pay. Sometimes being tough gets mighty rough. Not complaining, mind you. The Tough Guy is a survivor. But even The Toughest need to stop and regroup sometimes. Mine’s taking a little longer that expected, but blogging seemed to help with the positivity. (Little steps. Little steps) 

   After dealing with a few minor reoccurrences of gall bladder backup, meaning more gallstones, and the ex’s suicide, son’s legal problems, and subsequent 1 year ban from any college loans, and stupid head games that life deals out, The Tough Guy is tired. Oh, don’t forget about work, either. The overtime is finally coming down from 45-50 hours a week to 42-44 per week. The bigger paychecks will be missed. But spare time might be used for sleeping or market analysis. The trading has slowed down and the account needs to be liquidated. Physically tired is one thing. But mentally tired, or burnout, is a different game, indeed. 

   So until The Tough Guy gets his act up and running again, the posts will be sporadic at best. So much to blog about and not a thought that matters. And there is so much stuff to admire. Here’s a positive thought to ponder. Musical instruments are tuned to a pitch of 440hz. It became an accepted standard in the 1700’s. But the pitch of 432hz is in harmony with nature, producing symmetric waveforms, whereas 440hz is a static broken wave. Tell me what you think, please. Your comments will help motivate me into being more productive. Because honestly, The Tough Guy has been in a TTGdgaf depression and and loathes pharmaceuticals. Doctor, medicate thyself. Knowing what battles lie ahead is a motivator, but caring about it has become difficult. So until The Tough Guy gives enough of a crap to blog some more, may you have warm days, hot nights, and an attitude to match it. 


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