Tough Compassion. 

   This last year has been pretty crazy. I have been trying to adjust some attitudes around and become a better person. Still, and always, The Tough Guy. But trying to show a little trust in my fellow man, has only been futile at this point. 

  For example, my son (22 at the time), asks me if we could help out this girl he knows that was becoming homeless. Just a kid. 19. Before she came here, I asked why she couldn’t go back home. She gave a plausible answer and I left it at that. Then I learn she has cancer. Or so she says. Found out is was a lie. Gave her a month to find a new place. Her step dad died a few weeks later. Gave her another month. I just did not want any of the drama and the monthly ER trips were annoying. She hadn’t found any other accomodations after that month was up, but I didn’t care at that point. Just needed the bs to go away. Immediately. I’ve been called a cold hearted bastard before. But The Tough Guy felt like one that day. 

   Now you would think lesson learned, right? WRONG!!  Another kid, 22, one I had been working with for about 6 months, was breaking up with his wife and needed a place for a month or so. I could use some cash, soooo, again trying to lend a hand up ends up giving them the boot out the door. This one drank my bar clean. Like $1600 worth of booze. In a month. 4 freakin weeks. 9 handles, 8 quarts, 15 bottles of foo foo shit, and a 30 pack of beer. The Tough Guys consumption of alkyhaul is minimal anymore. Rather smoke. That wasn’t so bad except he thought it was ok to drink the entire bar, and it would be automatically replaced. What a maroon! And he kept on drinking. To the point where he lost a good job twice, and the trust of his roomates, and a good place to stay. It wasn’t the drinking. It was the lying and denials. He left on good terms, even though he snagged my lighter at the bus station. But I would not allow him back here again. It got so bad, him looking for a drink, and being broke, that he started watering down a bottle of Jægermeister that I had hidden. I really hope he gets his shit together. He’s a nice kid, just an alcoholic. And that is truly sad at 22. 

   In the midst of all this, The Tough Guy has also taken in a female friend and confidant of a few years. Yes we have exchanged much more than just pleasantries and it was great. Hoping like hell that the lessons previously learned  are not applicable to the current situation. They don’t seem to be. Maybe my karma is improving. 


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