A Tough Presidency

The Tough Guy is thinking that a very big change is about to happen our country. and it won’t be pretty. The government is about to go thru a major upheaval. There is a feeling of impeachment and charges of treason is going to turn this country around. But the question is, will this unite the people or divide us even more?

The odds of Trump being impeached are pretty high. And the aftermath will be very ugly. Politically, the congress as a whole will breathe a collective sigh, only to have many more indictments delivered. The GOP constituency, however, is going to see the tRumpies go beserk, citing fake news and conspiracy. A literal insurgeny may occur, led by the “alt-right”. The calls for a military coup grow louder by the day. and the thought of a moron like Pence, or even worse, Ryan, as the POTUS, is even scarier than Trump. It will take a clean sweep of the gang of 8, plus a few more, to even start to drain the corporate influence over our government. The only real hope being that congress takes heed and pays attention to what it’s constituency wants before bending over to corporate money.

Our country is getting screwed by our sponsored congress. Laws concerning womens rights, workers rights, health care, retirement, pensions, environmental responsibility, and governmental authority, are being changed or deleted every day. and not just Obama related laws. all sorts of laws concerning taxes, financing, international trade, and here’sthe one that hits all of us, social security. and let’s not forget about a persons right to choose what to do with their own body or a persons right to fair and gainful employment. Or this country’s legacy as a home for all people, from all walks of life. Yes, there are always problems with groups of refugees. But in the long run, they do assimilate. History does tend to repeat itself. And our country will survive this and even get stronger.

You see, the problem in a nutshell, is the constitution clearly defines that “there shall be a separation between church and state”. This applies to all religions, no exceptions. the phrase, “In God We Trust” does not imply any one specific god, rather, a god, any god, or even, gasp, no god. It just says god. Not Jesus, not Brahma, not Allah. This is the reason why people from all over the world want to come to America. Freedom. From religious persecution. And yes, The Tough Guy agrees, there should be a line as to which religions present a danger to others, and how to treat them. Our country already has, or more than likely now, had, laws and policies established, that actually worked very well. Yes, there were obviously bad people who got in that should not have. No system is perfect if executive privelege can supercede law and moral, and “christian”, morality.

In The Tough Guys opinion, American christianity has gone backwards to a mix between an idealogic Happy Days/Father Knows Best era, and the days of the christian crusades. An attitude of “fuck everybody else, I want my rights and dignity back” pervades the white culture. They blindly swing at the windmills of change. The bad news being that the change that is happening will not benefit them, but more than likely will negatively impact them financially and physically. Anybody who actually works for a living is going to be impacted by this current congress’s actions.

Change is coming, people. Soon. Be ready. Be smart. Let’s move forwards and not backwards. It’s a Tough Move.


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