The Tough Guy can be contacted at
ciscovive@yahoo.com. He lives in Roxborough Village, Co. Just a 5 min ride from 3 different state parks. He works nights, daytrades, and works odd jobs to sustain himself. A true wage slave, he is a proud and vocal member of the United Food and Commercial Workers union, local 7.
The opinions expressed are his own, and are not necessarily endorsed by the corporate suits who control 40 hours of his life per week. In fact, they may grow to dislike his opinions in time. And that to me is a good thing. It means they are listening. He may not be the most eloquent writer, but he will get his point across. Any recommendations made are to be given due diligence. Do the homework, people. If you feel that The Tough Guy is talking thru his ass, let him know. But you better have your facts straight first. Once again, do the homework. You are receiving the accumulated wisdom(?) of 50+ years of doing everything the hard way. And remember. Kids! Don’t try this at home. Save it for The Tough Guy!


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