Living Up To Tough Expectat


Middle Aged crisis is a fucking curse. We want to reclaim what we perceive as having lost. Worry that we have lost some of our charm, looks, wit, assertiveness, attractiveness, whatever. Or feel that we need more to fill our lives. He who dies with the most wins. Wins what? A more elegant funeral? Big fucking deal!
The object of life, NOW LISTEN THE FUCK UP!! The object of life is to enjoy it, relish in it, savor it, work for it, play for it, love it, hate it and be done with the hate as quickly as possible, be happy when you can, sad as little as possible, but most of all, LIVE IT! I don’t give a damn if you broke, too tired, or too damn depressed. GOYA. Get off your ass and do something. Anything. Go for a walk. Go to the bar. Take a drive. Do something! Do it as soon as you finish this blog. An object at rest will stay at rest. An object in motion stays in motion until stopped. And that concludes todays motivational sermon. Now for the real shit. I might have to delete this if I ever get a following. Turning 55 in a week. Taking the week off. A good friend is coming out to hang with me for the week. Couple the expectations with a huge dose of reality. Still gonna be a kick ass week. The only person who will take care of you is you. So I am TCB baby! Not quite fuck the cost week, but is whatever is necessary week. Financial pain for personal gain. That my friends, is the tradeoff. And in The Tough Guy’s experience, that is the best kind of tradeoff you can make. Anybody wanting to hang next Weds night can message can message me on yahoo. Read my intro, folks. If I am not in Austin, Vegas, or Tucson, then it is on!
The tough expectation is how to make this more memorable than 5 years ago. NOLA is such a cool place. And I hadn’t been that drunk in 25 years. Actually lost my voice karaoking Billy Idol. Lmao. And no, not gonna buy a new Mustang to boost my ego. Love my Honda. Time to figure out which envelopes to push and how hard to push them. This is why I appreciate my checkered and colored past. Got a lot to draw from to create memories with. Just remember kids, don’t be me. Odds are you wouldn’t make it this long. I have been fortunate in some weird ways. And I am still here. Screw the haters. Carpe diem. Hope the next post comes out soon. Here’s to being an Old Tough Guy.


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