Business Is Tough

It seems that the average business owner has been putting off a lot of necessary improvements the last few years. Improvements like manpower and building improvements are still lagging if the reports on labor and CAPEX spending are accurate. All to beat stock market expectations. Why, you might ask? The answer is obvious. The need to create a better profit now, is overweighing the need to treat the physical company better.
This leads to conclude that a lot of businesses are not in business for the long haul anymore. Instead they are taking the get rich approach. Become another 15 minute wonder. And get out after 16 minutes. Take the money and run, baby! And this brings the crux of the matter.
If a business is only concerned about how much money they can make, instead of how to make (almost started to laugh) the best product at the lowest cost, then how are we to trust that product? Overworked and underpaid workers are not going to go that extra step. Poor quality materials will slip unnoticed into production. And eventually, and usually too late, the comsumer realizes the product sucks and stops buying it. Cycle complete for the short term company. Here’s an example. Remember the “Zune”? How about the “Yugo”?
Nowadays, corporate strategy is all about the “now”. Make money now. Forget about your employees now. Get the cheapest supplier possible. Make money now. This shit is going to bite EVERBODY’s collective asses in about 4 of 5 years. MARK MY WORDS! Too many good companies are now willing to go belly up to make more money now, than stay in business and make a whole lot more over the long run. It’s kind of like big business getting ADHD. And that is Tough for Everyone.


Corporate Ethics in a Tough Place

The thought for the day. If corporations are people, too, they why should they not follow a code of ethics that do not harm people? The first and primary responsibility of a publically traded company is to increase value of it’s shares. So the shareholders may profit. First. The Tough Guy is having a problem with that lately.

As a Tough Kid, the assumption was that corporations helped people live better. By and large they still do. But too much muckety muck has been put in the way for that to be priority anymore.

Corporate responsibility. Big words. No meaning anymore. Let’s make food with unsafe chemicals for our citizens, even though we cannot sell this stuff in the rest of the world. Really responsible ethics. What ethics, you ask? Yea, The Tough Guy has been asking himself the same question. More examples? Sure! How about creating a way that realeses trapped oil and gas underground? When the contiguous surronding properties become uninhabitable, deny all allegations and hope you can wait it out. Or build a faulty machine that ends up killing people. Cover it up and when exposed then do something about it.

Seems to me another God is around. The Corporate God of Greed. Gotta fufill the first responsibility. Feed the shareholders. Don’t get me wrong, stock ownership is a good thing. But it takes money to make money. And major shareholders have money. Not all shareholders are rich,The Tough Guy being a prime example. But when looking at the overall (big) picture, this first priority should actually be third or fourth. Priority one has been and should always be the customer. The health and safety of employees and customers should always be #1!! Always!! Then the process and improvements. Then shareholders and their money.

Like people, corporations tend to follow the flock and lose their way.    This, my fellow Toughlings, is the crux of the biscuit. Corporate America has lost it’s morals and ethical direction. Cutting corners to appease activist investors is plain wrong. And activist investors who try to increase value in a company, without spending significant time at that company are fools.

All these actions are done for one reason. Greed. Mo’ money. There is a growing gap between the rich and poor. The middle class is becoming the new poor. And the poor are dying from starvation. Or disease. (The ACA is a different blog. Not today.) Corporations need to reprioritize. And not listen to the greedmongers. Look what happened to Hostess. Have you noticed? Everything is a little bit smaller now? The customer is not first and that is where corporate America fails all of us, the consumer. Until this changes, The Tough Guy leaves you with two words. BUYER BEWARE!

Diverticulitis is Tough


A first person post today. It’s been a long time between posts. So I have diverticulitis, and gall stones. And when those two conditions decided to team up against me, it made me literally want to die. That was the most pain my body has ever felt. And believe me, with over 20 total broken bones, and a car accident that quite literally killed me, you know that is a lot of pain. Too much pain.
It all started late June when the ex wife killed herself. Stupid bitch! So anti gun I still can’t believe she shot herself in the head. Sent a letter to my son that he got two days after the fact. I followed him over to her place and discovered what happened. I still wake up hearing his cry of “Nooo!”
The next six days were spent packing, cleaning, and moving everything she owned to my house. In 97* heat the whole week. And dealing with all the legal crap as well. And trying to keep my 21 year old from going insane. This is the very definition of stress. And stress is what can cause your digestive system to fail. Or initiate a very painful cleansing.
I’ve been trying to get my weight down to 179#’s and was at 185 when this happened. Today, after gaining back 9 pounds, I weigh a cool 170. Not too bad for being at 218, 10 years ago. (That’s is a quarter person I lost!) But I lost the weight in a way that is not recommended. And way too fast. I could not keep food or water down for more than a half hour for 3 days. Then I hit the ER. Went in at 162 pounds. I bottomed that day at 158. Got a sexy selfie to prove it. Lmao.
But seriously, I have never felt pain that intense before. What happened, in layman terms, is my gall bladder stopped secreting the bile necessary to keep pushing the food to the bottom of the colon. It was blocked by hundreds of tiny gallstones. So food was stuck. And diverticulitis is the result of food, like nuts and seeds, getting trapped in these little “pouches” that are in your colon. They can, eventually, rip your colon apart from the inside if not treated. Treatment consists of antibiotics and and antimicrobial antibiotics. And pain pills. Thank god for those. Got some dilaudid in the ER. Walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. Lasted for 4-5 hours. On that day my weight fluctuated between 171and 158 pounds. Dehydration had taken over my body.
I felt mortal for the first time in decades. I always thought I would die like my Gramps. 87 and cantankerous. Died doing what he loved. Mowing his lawn. I figured he maybe had 30 seconds of pain before passing. Dr. said his heart gave out. I prided myself on proving 55 is the new 35. Out work the young kids. Out hike the kids. Get to 14,000’and parkour a peak. Blow peoples minds with that one. And I smoke. Even better. But ever since this attack of the gut, I am looking at my life a little differently.
My diet has changed again. No nuts, no seeds, and now I get to incorporate a cleanse in my routine. But only every few months. Now for the gross part. C’mon, y’all are tough if you read me. The antibiotics made me expell what was probably over 100 gallstones. Tiny little green and dark brown stones. Along with slightly bigger chunks of undigested food. Gristle, seeds, etc. that had been in me for god knows how long came out. And yea, it was nasty. The green stones float and the brown ones sink. That is because the green ones consist of cholesterol while the brown ones are mainly calcium. Either one can clog up the bile duct in the gallbladder. But when the gallbladder won’t work, the colon will expand because without bile, food won’t move, and the “diverticulae” expand and catch food. Very painful. VERY painful.
I have learned a lot from this. First, I am human and therefore succeptable to human conditions. (Don’t want to admit this part) I am older and therefore need to take better care of myself. Eat better, and exercise regularly. And see the freaking doctor every year. Beware and be aware of stress in your body and mind. And lastly, diluadid rocks!! (Seriously, I shouted “top o the world, ma” walking out of the ER. Also that olive oil and lemon juice make a great liver/gallbladder cleanse. But you need to alkaline your blood chemistry first. (I used epsom salt). It’s all online if you need it. It’s call the amazing liver and gallbladder flush. And it worked pretty well for me. This is not an endorsement.
So from this man, who still doesn’t want to grow old, to all of you, I leave you with these observations.
You are as old as you feel. Take care to feel good as much as possible. Age is just a number. Exercise not just your body, but your mind as well. And you are what you eat. Those are my Tough Truths to myself. Y’all have a great day.

Retelling the Same Tough Lies Over and Over


Why is Fox News only 18% truthful? And MSNBC only 38% truthful? According to Factcheck, CNN is the most accurate US news at 83% truthful. If you want to know the world news, the truthful news, you must check at least 3 polemic news sources. BBC, CNN, and Al Jazerra make an interesting mix. Both pro and con positions on all news can be found this way usually. Sometimes you need to see the Chinese slant, pun kinda intended, to see the rest of the picture.
Politics has its hands of everything. News is no different. Rupert Murdock’s greedy, self serving, poor hating, attitude has permeated his news agency and all we read and hear about from his point of view is how our POTUS should be impeached. All from Koch brothers money. And the NBC Universal networks tend to gloss over unemployment and poverty to tell us how rosy the economy is. And Fox News, aka Faux Stories, is just a source of hate mongering. Even the Mexican version is twisted around. But the point here is that your news is being manipulated. Spun so many different ways the fabric of the news is destroyed. That’s what reporters want. Makes fact checking pretty hard.
What prompted this post was a suggested like from good ol facebook. Numbers USA. A PAC like no other. Built to spin the truth so everyone will hate the president. Numbers posts all anti Obama hate daily. This time they blame him for the influx of immigrant children. They have a point in that the message Obama sends is encouraging these actions by his public support of the 2008 Bush enacted bill. That same one all the republicans supported, until it actually went into effect and now it’s all Obama’s fault. And as far as the economy goes, the rich get richer, usually at the expense of the poor, so CNBC, for example, shows our economy picking up. Even though the poor are slowly going under and the middle is slowly becoming poor. Just look at sales numbers for Walmart, Family Dollar, and Dollar stores. All under their sales estimates. The CEO of Walmart said the poor are not buying enough. (He is a clueless douchenozzle). Maybe that is because milk has gone from $1.99 to $3.29 in a year. The basic food staples, milk, eggs, bread, have increased over 50%. And wages have been stagnant for almost 10 years. People spend the same amounts. Just getting less. Walmart CEO’s are notorious for lying these days. Just like Fox news. And all the other low cost stores are suffering too. And these polls everyone uses. They are worthless when everyone draws their own different conclusions of the same data.
Who is being honest here? Nobody! These days, any news story wiil be spun to fit an agenda. Whether it be for left or rightwing politics. And it sucks. You know that joke about what do you call a quicksand pit 1/2 full of lawyers? Not enough lawyers. Substitute reporters and/or politicians.
And learn both sides to any news stories. Yes, it is work. But you will see exactly what The Tough Guy is talking about.
So remember, the Earth is 6000 years old, everybody should open carry guns at the grocery store, especially with kids in tow, and everything wrong with this country is Obama’s fault. Except for the wealthy’s attitude. And that is “I will get my share and fuck ANYBODY who dares to stand in my way!” And that’s ok because they are rich and entitled.

Tough Contraception


Just a quick POV about our unbiased Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. Guys,(and girls), what the hell were you thinking? Y’all gotta remember a few Tough Reasons for All Contraception.
Firstly, your honors, are you sure you want to keep that crack baby at your place or what? And that child born with AIDS? Are you going to pay for the care and treatment to keep them alive as long as possible? Will you prevent the mother to be from commiting suicide? And who really decides the fate of ones own body? You just opened up the door for less personal freedoms, again. And probably condemned a Hobby Lobby cashier to a life of happy poverty after giving birth to an unnamed managers child.
But, hey! Why judge the judges? They still use stenographers!

Tough Haters



The morality on display this election season is amazingly appalling. A Mn supreme court wannabe running her mouth about gods law superceding federal and state law, former congresspeople calling out nigger and spic on the radio, (and getting pulled off the air), the no birthright citizenship movement, and especially the anti-president movement. There is so much more hate but these are a few of the more noticeable hateful things happening in our country.
The facts are, this isn’t happening just here. Hate mongering crops up everywhere. Not just in N. Korea, Iraq/Iran/Syria/Lybia, and Kenya to S. Africa. Argentina, China, England, Germany, Austrailia, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Spain are all going through social hate spasms as well. They all have either influxes of immigrants or major government problems that affect feeding the poor and displaced.
The root of this attitude is, of course, racism. If you’re not like me then fuck you has become the normal way of life. Whatever happened to curiosity? Whatever happened to opening your eyes a little wider to see the whole picture? And especially, whatever happened to getting the facts correct before making a statement of any kind in public? Has stupidity become the new normal? When posts like the ones from Numbers USA get on facebook and ask you to like an untruthful post but the headline that you see seems good, it flames the hate. This particular post states that Obama want to change the constitution by making citizenship by birthright a law. BIG NEWS! It already is in the constitution! This flames up the anti Mexican immigration folks to a fever pitch. Now The Tough Guy agrees that illegal immigrants should be sent back home. Let them come across the legal way. And their plight is acknowleged. (The worlds 2nd richest man is Carlos Slim, he owns most of Mexico’s gas, grocerias, and manufacturing companies. That is a huge problema,)
Why does everyone want to come here? For a chance to become successful. But even with a chance, most people never realize success. And that is where all this hate comes from. Personal disappointment. If I can’t make it, nobody else should. Hell of an attitude, huh?
Envy, jealousy, mistrust, frustration, and bigotry are the core to hating. We envy and hate the 1%. We do not trust the police. We are jealous of those getting ahead. And if you are not like us, get the hell out of our country. Sound familiar? It’s on the news everyday. It really needs to stop. Today preferably. If you are not happy, then do something positive about it. Don’t crap on everyone else for your own foibles. Fix yourself. Educate yourself. Better yourself.
How to do that? Try these for starters. Be human. Involve yourself with a group of people completely different from you. And get involved. You’re gonna find out that you have a lot in common. Be humane. Very important. Try caring about something other than what affects you. Do a pay it forward act. Do something nice. Be intelligently informed. The lack of in-depth reading done these days is shocking and scary. People don’t read an entire article because they are too busy. Or tired. Or just like being ill informed. Too many people write “news” that is just a commentary. The Tough Guy gets, and reads, (he loves to read), news from many very different sources. Try reading or watching the news of the same event from BBC, Fox, CBS, and Al Jazerra. Four different viewpoints. Same event. That is being informed.
Choose whatever view you want for your own. Just be informed about it. Be prepared to argue your point with facts. Not rhetoric. The Tough Guy is so tired of people knee jerking to a headline. Fanning hate is not what our country is supposed to be about. But a lot of the world is now returning the hate we give and it makes a part of our country scared and hateful. To the point of violence. That is never a good thing. It leads to civil war. Which to the uninformed is what the Koch brothers want. Let’s dance to the 1%ers song. Shalll we? Not! We all “just need to get along”! Thanks Rodney.

Tough Eats



Man, I love eating good food. To The Tough Guy, a 4 course meal is an event. But nowadays, most of the food we buy is contaminated by hormones, genetic modification, and added products like sweeteners, dyes, modifiers,(whatever that really means), and even carbon monoxide. Yup, that nasty gas from your car exhaust is used to keep meat from turning brown. Scary, huh.
This is a quick simple post to remind everybody that the old phrase, “You are what you eat”, is really a truism. So here’s my trick. Vary your diet. Now it’s summertime. Eat foods that give you more energy like fruits. And don ‘t forget the veggies either. And here’s the thing. VARIETY! We all get set into a pattern of eating the same goods every day. You gotta change that up. Lately, The Tough Guy has been on a cinnamon kick. Love cinnamon. In 2-3 months it will probably be over. And Jelly will be back in for breakfast. And it changes. Some things are seasonal, some are changed for health. And some are simply changed to relieve boredom at the dinner table. All perfectly good reasons.
But here’s the deal, folks. Some things, even in moderation, are simply bad for you. We are all different. Bodies do not all work in the exact same way. But think about what you are putting inside of that temple you call a body. Watch for the bad additives in packaged products. And beware of GMO anything. In this world it’s now buyer beware. Thanks Monsanto.

BTW. The Tough Guy is in his mid 50’s, has lost 42 in 5 years by diet modification, and has seen first hand effects of what “altered before packaged” food can do. IMHO, varying a diet means a better chance of ridding yourself of the toxins you ingest.