Tough Allergies

I don’t know if it’s just a weird Spring, me getting older, gmo weeds, or an unhealthy diet, but I am suffering thru the worst allergy attack in my life these last few days. It started easing up with the snowfall last night and today. But I have never been so congested and foggy-brained before. Clairtin is helping a little. Need more. Just don’t want to leave the comfort of the couch to go to the store. I do that tonight (work).
Has your nose ever started running nonstop? Cough so hard you puke? All from an allergy? This is a first. What’s strange is that I have been on a get in better shape kick lately, having lost 11 pounds and over 2″ on my waist this year. 185 and 33 respectively. The goal is 178 and 32 or less. I’ve been here twice before. Never broke 180. So aside from the “at altitude” hiking I am also working out at home 2x/week. At altitude is over 10,000′ elevation. Nothing too serious. Just slowly toning up the abs. I do not want to be that 70 year old with the body of a 30 year old. At that age, all you get with that body is goldiggers. Women your age can’t keep up with you and the younger women think it’s gross to go out with an old guy. Off the subject here but, I want a woman who can keep up with me, physically, sexually, and mentally. Haven’t met many 50 something, or even 40 something women who can fill the bill. Although there is a certain Redhead that piques my curiosity. And she knows who she is. Hey! I am allowed to dream.
Anybody up for a July 14k’ peak? Holla! Thats the main reason for staying in shape every year. The reason for at altitude hiking as well. At 14k’ the air is a lot thinner. The view from the top is always inspirational. And I will do this till I die. It’s something I truly love doing. Hopefully y’all are working on your loves and inspirations, too. Till my next rant, err, page….


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