Tough Desires


Her name is Lena. And she lives in, of all places, Ohio. But she really is a W. Va. coal miners daughter. Her twitter avi caught my eye first. And she was tweeting something nice to a friend. I think, “seems nice, lets have a looksie.”
I open up the avi to a beautiful face, a mischevious smile that I find irresistable, and flowing brown curls looking so sexy! I gotta see more. Scroll down to pics and find a bunch of selfies and say hell yea! She’s got it! And eyes that I want to get lost in. Then I start reading the tweets and realize she is so sweet. And she has a edge. And by the way she responds back to me, she aint dumb. Cautious. Maybe even fearful. But independent as hell. And proud of who she is. I find that sexy. I find her sexy. A woman who might be worthy of my best. I keep trying. The worst that can happen is I get blocked. Then it wasn’t meant. Now I want to go to Ohio. Might have to have the Rev. Brooks on call. He’s close. But only as a wingman.


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